QuickStart, Inc. is dedicated to "Helping Your Business Succeed...from the Start!"

Our focus is on helping small businesses get started, existing businesses expand, or with the purchasing of an established business.

We will help you realize your dream of starting, purchasing, or expanding your own successful business. We specialize in helping businesses obtain financing for their business by preparing a comprehensive business plan. We also educate our clients on understanding the financial aspects of their business and the lending process. We provide the following Small Business Consulting Services to help ensure your business will be successful:

Business Plan Assistance

  • We specialize in helping you prepare a comprehensive business plan including financial projections.

Financing Assistance

  • We will review your personal financial position to determine the likelihood of receiving a business loan.
  • We can help refinance your business debt to improve your company's cash flow.
  • We educate you on understanding the financial aspects of your business and the lending process.
  • We will help ensure you receive the proper amount of financing for your business.
  • We will determine what financing options are available for your business (SBA, WHEDA, WDC, Grants, etc.).

Small Business Consulting

  • We provide a wide variety of financial analysis, including cash flow, debt consolidation plans, as well as annual budgeting and planning.
  • We provide business start-up consulting.
  • We help determine the fair valuation for selling and purchasing a business.