Services - Financing Assistance

Obtaining financing is one of the most important and most difficult components of starting, expanding or purchasing a small business. It is critical to accurately estimate how much money you will need not only to start the business, but also to ensure you have adequate cash flow to keep it running until you turn a profit. Financing options for a business may include:

Our experienced consultants will help you determine what options are available for your specific business.

Obtaining a business loan can be a time consuming and frustrating process. We will help you better understand the lending process by communicating with you and the business lender. Our business plans are designed to provide the lender with all the necessary information needed to make a lending decision as quickly as possible for your business.

QuickStart, Inc. will assist you in determining how much financing you will need and the best means to obtain it. Our consultants have relationships with many business lenders and are very familiar with each financial institution's lending policies. This is key in determining where your best chances are for obtaining the financing you need for your business and will save time. With a solid business plan, potential investors/lenders will have the assurance they need to help finance your dream.